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Anointing Balm - Spikenard - 1/3 Oz

Anointing Balm - Spikenard - 1/3 Oz

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This 1/3 oz. balm is naturally scented with Spikenard, and is made in the USA. It's size makes it ideal for travel, mission trips, and ministry because its easy to carry with you in your pocket, purse, satchel, and more, all with no risk of leaking or spilling. Spikenard is the oil used that Mary of Bethany used to anoint the head and feet of Jesus two days before His death. It symbolizes Worship and total abandonment to the Lord. (John 12:3) Anointing Oils and Balms are seen all throughout the Bible, and mentioned frequently in the book of Exodus, but some our favorite verses are Exodus 30:22-31, Mark 6:13, Mark 14:3, and James 5:14-15.

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